The Way Back To You By Michelle Andreani | Book Review


“The beauty of being young is that you can change your mind a hundred times and life is still before you with all the options.”

Hello, my bookish friends. I just want you to know that while I’m writing this book review, it’s raining outside and I’m enjoying my cup of latte with delicious homemade butterscotch cookies. Does it get any cozier than this? I don’t think so. So, let’s start our review!

This book tells the story of Ashlyn Montiel. After she died in an accident, her best friend, Cloudy felt so shocked and heartbroken. She missed her presence every day, because Ashlyn was like a sister to her. Ashlyn’s boyfriend Kyle, didn’t take it easy either. He was wallowing himself in sadness, and falling apart. It was obvious to everyone around him, because he didn’t care about anything in his life anymore. But, things start to change when cloudy finds out that after Ashlyn’s death, her organs were donated to three people. So, she decides to go on a road trip with Kyle to track those recipients’ lives, hoping that by meeting them, they would find some closure to their grief.

I honestly picked up this book without reading any reviews about it. I literally had no idea what the book was about. I guess I was trying to be spontaneous, which is rare when it comes to choosing a new book. Trust me on that! Anyways, I loved the beginning of the book, because I kept reading the book page after page, even though I started reading it late at night, but that didn’t stop me. When I get into a book, the world around me doesn’t exist. The plot was fast paced, fluffy, and heartwarming. I loved how Cloudy went on a road trip and forced Kyle to come with her. That road trip was full of drama and good times too. That part of the book when Kyle saw the cat on the street and it somehow reminded him of Ashlyn’s eyes was just emotional for me. I felt really sad for him. Also, I admire the relationship between Cloudy and her sister, and the relationship between Kyle and his father. Because, it’s actually rare that family members as fictional characters get along in contemporary books. They always fight and usually the parents have no say when it comes to their kids’ lives. They just don’t know what’s going on. It’s so annoying.  To conclude my review, I  really recommend this book for you guys, especially if you’re in the mood to read  an adorable book.

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion | Book Review


Hello, my bookish friends. Hope you’re doing great. Well, I was supposed to have a hectic day full of work, but I got the day off, and the things that I need to get done are postponed for two days, so I guess the odds are in my favor today. So, I’m going to review The Rosie Project and The Rosie effect. Let’s start!

Don Tillman is a geneticist professor who has Asperger’s syndrome. He lives his life by specific routine, obsessed with planning, and scheduling everything in his life. When it comes to relationships, he’s never had a second date, and he hasn’t dated anyone in a long time. So, he decides to start ‘The Wife Project’ to find his perfect soul mate that is exactly like him. However, when he meets Rosie to help her find her biological father, he changes ‘The Wife Project’  to ‘The father project’ and along the journey of searching for her father, he can’t help himself not to like her. After finding his perfect soul mate for life, Rosie. Now he wants his life to be exciting and full of unpredictability. So, they decide to move to New York together. While he has a lot on his plate to deal with, Rosie surprises him with her sudden pregnancy that makes it hard for him to digest. However, Don will face some difficulties in preparing himself to be the perfect father for his child.

I have mixed emotions about those two books. I liked them, but I didn’t love them that much. The Rosie project started with Don as the narrator in an interesting way. He’s quirky, serious, and he has a sense of humor. And the way he always evaluates and plan for everything in his head is fascinating. But, when he met Rosie you could notice how complex for him it was to break his routine and try something different. Let’s talk about Rosie. She’s literally the opposite of Don’s character. She is confident, brilliant, and fierce. I think her character added something unique to the plot. The possibility of two incompatible people ending up together is what made me want to read the book till the end. I couldn’t put it down, because I was so engaged in the book. On the other hand, The Rosie Effect wasn’t as enjoyable as I thought it would. I couldn’t even finish it! The plot was repetitive, which made me feel so annoyed. I didn’t care about the other characters, or what happened to them. I just kept flipping the pages until I read the last page only, because yeah it was really that boring. However, if anyone asks me whether to read those books or not, I would tell them to read the first one only, because the second one is so disappointing.

Have you read The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect?

I’d love to know your thoughts on those two books.

Holding Up The Universe By Jennifer Niven | Book Review


“I’ve always thought you should be able to freeze time. This way you could hit the Pause button at a really good point in your life so that nothing changes”

When Libby’s mom passed away, her life, crumpled down. She started gaining weight and hiding in her house, because she didn’t want anyone to see how she’s become. Her sadness felt like a prison that kept her from doing so many things. One day, Libby had a bad  panic attack and she couldn’t breathe or move, because of her massive weight. So, she was rescued from her house by a crane, and the ambulance took her immediately to the hospital. After a while, she decides to lose weight and talk to a therapist to help her become mentally and physically healthy. As a result of working so hard on herself, She made a choice to step into the real world and go back to school after being home-schooled in the past.

Jack Masselin is so popular at school. Everyone knows that he’s funny, too confident, and that he has a group of friends who enjoy bullying kids in school. But, nobody knows that he is actually hiding behind a mask, to hide a major secret. He suffers from Prosopagnosia , which is called ‘Face Blindness’. Every day he wakes up, every one to him is a complete stranger. He doesn’t recognize the faces of the people he knows, even his own  family. Therefore, the damaged part in his brain makes him differentiate people around him by specific details. Like, their voices, or gestures. So, every single day is like a mystery he has to solve, otherwise, he is screwed. However, When Libby goes to his school, he can’t help to not notice her. Eventually, they will meet at the right time, and in some way, they’ll help each other.

My favorite thing about the book is that is told from Libby and Jack’s point of view. The chapters are so short and fast paced, and there are so many relatable quotes in the book. Let’s talk about the characters. I didn’t like Jack’s character that much, but I sympathized with him about how he hid his ‘Face Blindness’ from everyone. I just can’t imagine what it feels to wake up every morning, going through the day trying to guess the names of everyone you meet. It must feel devastating and exhausting. But, I thought it was interesting to know more facts about the ‘Prosopagnosia disorder’  from Jack himself, and how he dealt with it every day. I totally understand how Jack pretended to be someone else rather than himself, because he felt that it was a lot safer to not show the world who you really are. On the contrary, Libby has spent most of her life hiding from people, because of her weight gain. But, after she got better, she wanted the world to see how courageous and unstoppable she is. I wish I was fearless and self confident when I was fourteen like Libby. She has her own personality, she is honest, says what’s on her mind, and doesn’t let anyone underestimate her. She’s so vibrant and full of life. The dancing parts in the book were so much fun, and I loved how Libby felt so free While she was dancing. Seriously, I was like, Go Girl! Own that Dancing Floor! I just wish that book existed when I was a teenager, it would’ve changed how I felt about myself back then. Sometimes, all you need is to believe in yourself, and break free from your own comfort zone. There’s so much in life to experience, don’t let your own fears hold you back. Eventually, I had such a lovely time reading this book. It’s so heartwarming and it definitely teaches you something at the end.

Extraordinary Means By Robyn Schneider | Book Review


“It’s strange how can lose things that are still right there. How a barrier can go up at any moment, trapping you on the other side, keeping you from what you want. How the things that hurt the most are things we once had.”

This book follows the story of a seventeen year old boy named Lane. He’s ambitious, and he has a bright future ahead of him. But, his life takes a different course when he gets diagnosed with Tuberculosis. So, his parents decide to send him to Latham, which is a sanatorium and boarding school at the same time. This place has strict rules and specific routine that each kid must follow to feel better. When Lane arrives there, he meets Sadie. A girl he met at school camp years ago. After a couple of days, he joined the group. So, they informed him about all their secrets and how they bring banned food, and sneak out in the middle of the night without anyone knowing about them. When Lane develops a crush towards Sadie, he feels alive and happy more than ever. However, the reckless actions of the group will affect each one of them in a way they never thought of. A heartfelt story about family, friendship, love, believing in second chances, and finding your place in the world.

Thirteen Reasons Why By Jay Asher | Book Review


“No one knows for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people. Oftentimes, we have no clue. Yet we push it just the same.”

This book follows the story of Hannah baker. Two weeks before she committed suicide, she sent out a box full of seven cassette tapes to some people in her school, who mistreated her, or spread false rumors about her. Hanna’s voice explains thirteen reasons why she killed herself. Each tape exposes a secret. One day, Clay Jensen receives a package on his doorstep from his crush Hannah. However, Clay decides to wander through the town, and listen to all the tapes in one night.

Such a compelling story, yet so heartbreaking. This book made me stop for a while, and think about how some people are completely oblivious to the fact that their words and actions have the power to change someone’s life for better or worse. That’s why we need to choose our words wisely, and rethink our actions.

The Shock Of The Fall By Nathan Filer | Book Review


“Some madness doesn’t act mad to begin with, sometimes it will knock politely at the door, and when you let it in, it’ll simply sit in the corner without a fuss – and grow.”

This book follows the story of a young boy named Mathew Homes. At the beginning of the book, he tells us the incident that caused the death of his older brother Simon. He is nineteen years old now, and he still blames himself for what happened to his brother when they were kids. Those guilty thoughts triggered his mental illness, and now he is a patient at a psychiatric hospital. However, at the end of the book Mathew reveals to us in details, what exactly happened in the night of his brother’s death.

Trust me when I tell you that I’m so tempted to talk about the book more, but I don’t want my review to be full of spoilers, because some of you haven’t read the book yet. I honestly picked up this book at the bookstore, with no idea of what it was about. When I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. Let’s talk about Mathew. Since the death of his brother, he has suffered from schizophrenia, and because of that, his mental health has gotten worse. So, he decides to write about his life every day, in his typewriter. I think that’s what made the book unique and gripping. It’s like you’re inside the character’s mind, and you’re experiencing the whole journey with him. I loved the relationship between Mathew and his grandmother. She was so nice to him and considerate to Mathew’s struggle with accepting the death of his brother. Some parts of the book were so deep and heartbreaking. Especially with Mathew. He was trying to depend on himself by living in a new apartment, working, and dealing with his illness at the same time, which felt overwhelming. There’s something special about reading someone’s life from their own words. It’s so engaging. All I can say is that the book certainly lived up to its hype. A heartfelt story about family, grief, death, and mental illness. I highly recommend this book to anyone.

The Girl On The Train By Paula Hawkins| Book Review


“But then I think, this happens sometimes, doesn’t it? People you have a history with, they won’t let you go, and as hard as you might try, you can’t disentangle yourself, can’t set yourself free. Maybe after a while you just stop trying.”

The story begins with Rachel. An alcoholic, divorced woman. Every day, Rachel takes the same train to London in the morning, and she passes by different houses. There’s one house in particular that interests her. She always sees those married couple in the morning talking or having their cup of coffee together inside, and she calls them Jess and Jason, because she doesn’t really know them in person. She created a perfect image of their lives in her head. Jess is pretty, smart, and she probably works in some company. Jason is handsome, strong, and he’s not at home that often, so his work probably includes so much traveling. One morning, when the train passed by Jess and Jason’s house, she noticed something disturbing and she couldn’t really wrap her head about the situation. After a couple of days, Jess went missing, so Rachel felt so desperate and got herself involved in the investigation case, because she thought what she knew, would actually help the detectives to draw some clues and find her. However, Rachel’s involvement will turn her life upside down, and change the way she thought about her ex husband.

I have got to say that Bookstagram made me read it, because it was everywhere. So I had to buy it. I kept my expectations low, to not feel disappointed. And guess what! I didn’t! The concept of the book is really intriguing and mysterious. I also like the fact that the book is told through three women’s points of view, which is interesting. Because, as a reader, you get to know how the characters think, and understand their motives. I really didn’t know how to feel about Rachel. Sometimes, I hated how annoying she was. Other times, I sympathized with her. She’s such a confusing character. You just don’t know whether to hate her or like her. However, the end was really flat, I just expected more out of it. Despite the end, it’s still a brilliantly written book. I know that there’s a movie adaptation of the book, but, I don’t know whether to watch it or not. I know this sounds weird, but reading psychological thriller books is more interesting than watching thriller movies. I Highly recommend reading The Girl On The Train, it will keep you on the edge of your seat.