The Lovely Bones By Alice Sebold | Book Review


“Inside the snow globe on my father’s desk, there was a penguin wearing a red-and-white-striped scarf. When I was little my father would pull me into his lap and reach for the snow globe. He would turn it over, letting all the snow collect on the top, then quickly invert it. The two of us watched the snow fall gently around the penguin. The penguin was alone in there, I thought, and I worried for him. When I told my father this, he said, “Don’t worry, Susie; he has a nice life. He’s trapped in a perfect world.”

Hello, my bookish friends. I hope you had an amazing Eid and ate lots of chocolate. Today I’m going to review one of my favorite mystery books that made me fall in love with books that have the same genre. I read this book long time ago, like maybe five years. And I reread it last year, then I remembered that I haven’t ever reviewed this book which is honestly weird, because I love reviewing books that I really like. So, let’s review this book!

On a cold winter evening, A fourteen year old girl named Susie Salmon was walking back home from school feeling happy, because she had a good day. But, when a piece of paper fell out of her bag and went flying because of the wind, she went after it. Then a man in front of her caught the paper. He invited her to his house, to see the thing he built up, but she refused and said that it was getting really late. The man kept persuading her until she agreed to go with him. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that she was going with a murderer to his own house. Despite her efforts to escape from his basement, she was raped and killed by him that night. Even though she is dead now, she can watch her family and friends from the afterlife, and make them feel her presence. However, she struggles between avenging her killer, and letting go of what happened and looking forward.

This book was creepy and scary, and it actually gave me goosebumps in a bad way. The details of Susie’s murder were really descriptive and awful. It was just heartbreaking to read that part of how she was murdered. But the writing style was gripping to the point where it was hard to put the book down. Now let’s talk about the characters. Mr. Harvey was giving me the creeps. He was pretending to be nice, but he was actually a heartless man. And his obsession with building too many wooden doll houses wasn’t normal. Susie’s family was having a difficult and painful time accepting her death, especially her father. He was suspecting every man to be the murderer of his daughter, and honestly who can blame him? Even Susie’s sister Lindsey was feeling uncomfortable every time she saw Mr. Harvey’s green house. It’s like she felt he was hiding something. And then when it comes to Susie, at first, she couldn’t accept that she is dead and away from her family, but then her rage makes her father do something out of anger. So she decides to let go and move on, so she could live peacefully in her own world. That was such a great growth in her character. This book isn’t just about seeking vengeance for Susie’s murderer. It’s about how each one of her family was coping in their own way, and how they stopped searching for her murderer, because they realized that finding him won’t change the fact that she is dead. Karma is real, and Mr. Harvey will finally get what he deserves. At the end of my book review, I really recommend this book if you’re into fantasy and mystery books. There’s also a movie adaptation, but it doesn’t include specific parts of the book. Regardless, it was great. So, before you watch the movie, don’t forget to read the book first. So you can get a better understanding of the story, and all the characters.


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