Heartless By Marissa Meyer|Book Review


“It is a dangerous thing to unbelieve something only because it frightens you.”

Hello, my bookish friends. I hope you’re doing well. I know lots of people have read The Lunar Chronicals, because they’re really hyped, but I haven’t. I heard good things about the series, and hopefully one day I’ll read it. As someone who loves books, it might be shocking that I haven’t ever read anything by Marissa Meyer. So, I saw Heartless all over my Instagram feed, and I didn’t even know what it was about. But, when I went to the bookstore last month and saw the book, I was like I can’t leave without buying this book, because first of all, it has a gorgeous cover, and second of all, it’s about the queen of hearts. So I bought it and I’m glad I did, because I really enjoyed it. Let’s start our review!

This book is set before Alice fell down the rabbit hole, and it follows the story of Catherine, before she became the queen of hearts. Catherine is kind, sweet, and full of potential. Baking scrumptious sweet treats is her passion, and she’s always dreamed of opening her own bakery with the help of Marry Anne, the court maid who’s also her best friend. But, that’s not how things work out in royal families. She has to get married and dedicate her life to ruling her kingdom with her husband by her side. When the king of hearts proposes to her, she refuses to marry him, because she doesn’t want to be a queen. Instead, she wants to follow her dream of baking. But, her parents don’t agree with her, especially her mother. However, things get complicated in the land of hearts when she meets Jest, the court joker and falls in love with him.

This book is my favorite one this year. I’ve always loved Alice In Wonderland and its characters. I really couldn’t contain my excitement when I found out that it is about the queen of hearts, because unlike most people who hate her, I really like her. And reading a whole book about her was like my dream has finally come true. This book hooked me up from the beginning, because it started with Catherine and her passion for baking. And as someone who’s obsessed with baking and always trying to come up with recipes of my own, reading this book felt like such a treat. Even though I enjoyed reading it, there are things that I liked, and things that really annoyed me. But first, I’m going to talk about what I liked in this book. We all know that the queen of heart is filled with so much anger and fury, but in the beginning of the book, she is totally different from that. I liked getting to know Catherine from another angle. I also like Catherine and Marry Anne’s friendship, because they were like sisters who told each other everything. There’s also an instant love moment between the court joker and Catherine, but I didn’t feel it was really instant that much, because I quite like him too, and I can see why she fell for him.  One of my favorite parts about this book is when Catherine was describing her baked goods with such a passion, because that made me hungrier with each page. Especially the pumpkin cake, I really craved one so bad. Oh God, and the macrons! All of those scrumptious sweets in the book made my sweet tooth get worse. The Cheshire cat was so funny and I liked how he appears from nowhere and teases Catherine , because that was really funny and it made me laugh. Now moving on to the things I didn’t like in this book. I really love Catherine, but I hate how she dealt with things. Like when the king of hearts wanted to marry her and she agreed, she was complaining  all the time that no one understood her or knew what real love is. I just found that so annoying, she could have made better choices, especially in the end of the book, but she chose not to, which literally ruined everything. I didn’t like her parents, especially her mother, because she has a strong belief that women should only marry a king and not do silly things like baking or opening a shop, because that was only for men. Even her father kept telling her the same thing over and over. So much sexism in this book. Even though I liked this book, it was kind of a slow paced, because it was really detailed and the font was tiny and it really hurt my eyes. The end of this book was so fast and terrifying. Because the plot turned upside down, and all the characters were trying their best to fix what happened, but there were so many obstacles in their way. I felt so heartbroken and shocked for how things changed for Catherine, because I wanted all the characters to get their happy ending. Overall, I would really recommend this book if you love Alice In Wonderland and its whimsical world. Such a brilliant and adventurous retelling that is filled with magic and interesting characters.



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