The Way Back To You By Michelle Andreani | Book Review


“The beauty of being young is that you can change your mind a hundred times and life is still before you with all the options.”

Hello, my bookish friends. I just want you to know that while I’m writing this book review, it’s raining outside and I’m enjoying my cup of latte with delicious homemade butterscotch cookies. Does it get any cozier than this? I don’t think so. So, let’s start our review!

This book tells the story of Ashlyn Montiel. After she died in an accident, her best friend, Cloudy felt so shocked and heartbroken. She missed her presence every day, because Ashlyn was like a sister to her. Ashlyn’s boyfriend Kyle, didn’t take it easy either. He was wallowing himself in sadness, and falling apart. It was obvious to everyone around him, because he didn’t care about anything in his life anymore. But, things start to change when cloudy finds out that after Ashlyn’s death, her organs were donated to three people. So, she decides to go on a road trip with Kyle to track those recipients’ lives, hoping that by meeting them, they would find some closure to their grief.

I honestly picked up this book without reading any reviews about it. I literally had no idea what the book was about. I guess I was trying to be spontaneous, which is rare when it comes to choosing a new book. Trust me on that! Anyways, I loved the beginning of the book, because I kept reading the book page after page, even though I started reading it late at night, but that didn’t stop me. When I get into a book, the world around me doesn’t exist. The plot was fast paced, fluffy, and heartwarming. I loved how Cloudy went on a road trip and forced Kyle to come with her. That road trip was full of drama and good times too. That part of the book when Kyle saw the cat on the street and it somehow reminded him of Ashlyn’s eyes was just emotional for me. I felt really sad for him. Also, I admire the relationship between Cloudy and her sister, and the relationship between Kyle and his father. Because, it’s actually rare that family members as fictional characters get along in contemporary books. They always fight and usually the parents have no say when it comes to their kids’ lives. They just don’t know what’s going on. It’s so annoying.  To conclude my review, I  really recommend this book for you guys, especially if you’re in the mood to read  an adorable book.


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