Extraordinary Means By Robyn Schneider | Book Review


“It’s strange how can lose things that are still right there. How a barrier can go up at any moment, trapping you on the other side, keeping you from what you want. How the things that hurt the most are things we once had.”

This book follows the story of a seventeen year old boy named Lane. He’s ambitious, and he has a bright future ahead of him. But, his life takes a different course when he gets diagnosed with Tuberculosis. So, his parents decide to send him to Latham, which is a sanatorium and boarding school at the same time. This place has strict rules and specific routine that each kid must follow to feel better. When Lane arrives there, he meets Sadie. A girl he met at school camp years ago. After a couple of days, he joined the group. So, they informed him about all their secrets and how they bring banned food, and sneak out in the middle of the night without anyone knowing about them. When Lane develops a crush towards Sadie, he feels alive and happy more than ever. However, the reckless actions of the group will affect each one of them in a way they never thought of. A heartfelt story about family, friendship, love, believing in second chances, and finding your place in the world.


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