It Ends With Us By Colleen Hoover| Book Review


“Life is a funny thing. We only get so many years to live it, so we have to do everything we can to make sure those years are as full as they can be. We shouldn’t waste time on things that might happen someday, or maybe even never.”

Lily Bloom lived a tough childhood. Her father was abusive to her mother most of the time, and her mother always lets him do whatever he wants without defending herself. Lily watched her father hit her mother mercilessly all the time, which gave her a solid reason to hate her father for how cruel he honestly is. She couldn’t keep her rage bottled up, so she decided to start writing in her diary every day. All of her diary entries were addressed to Ellen Degeneres, because she was obsessed with her show. After a couple of years, Lily graduated from college, and moved to Boston. One day, her mother called her to attend her father’s funeral. When her turn came to stand and talk about her father, she froze and couldn’t talk, because there wasn’t a good memory of him with her or her mother in the back of her mind to tell everyone about. She remembered him as the cruelest person ever. She left the funeral, went to a building’s rooftop, and cried her heart out. But, she stopped when she realized that she wasn’t the only one on the rooftop. There was a man standing there. They both talked about why they’re here. And from that moment her life isn’t the same anymore. However, lily always dreamed of opening a flower shop since she was a little girl. She loved to grow plants and care for them. So, she left her job, and bought a place for her business. Over the months, she was seeing Ryle Kincaid, the man she met on the rooftop. He is a smart neurosurgeon, rich, and handsome. Things were going pretty well with her relationship, but when she came across someone from her past, Atlas Corrigan, her first love, Lily’s life becomes more complicated than ever.

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the book yet, don’t read my thoughts on the book.

I’ve never read a book that overwhelmed so much to the point where I needed to stop and take a deep breath. At the beginning I was like OK! This book seems like any romance book, but when I continued reading, things were getting so messed up and real. Lily’s character is so brave. The way she was helping Atlas, despite being afraid of everyone, she knew she was doing the right thing. Watching her mother gets beaten up by her father, and refusing to leave him, made her pity her mother so much. She always told herself that she doesn’t want to be her mother when she grow up, and to never let a man break her soul over and over without standing for herself. However, when Lily married Ryle, and suddenly he got abusive and treated her weirdly. She felt horrified and lost. I mean, who could blame her! When he pushed her down the stairs and he told her that she just fell down, even though she knew he pushed her on purpose, she didn’t believe this side of him at all. I really cried when Lily told her mother “I want to be you when i grow up”. I personally think that Lily and Ryle were drawn to each other with passion and love, and that’s an amazing thing. They were both passionate about what they do. Ryle was a talented neurosurgeon, and Lily was a creative and smart florist. Despite how successful and brilliant he is, there was something wrong with him, and Lily couldn’t live with someone who could harm at any moment. Let’s talk about Atlas. He was someone who made Lily feel safe, loved, and protected. Growing up with a violent father, Lily couldn’t trust boys at all, but when she met Atlas, he proved her the opposite. Atlas is one of those sane and kind characters that you can’t help yourself but fall in love with them. I loved Lily and Allysa’s friendship. They were so true to each other. Colleen Hoover’s book explores so many serious themes, but I think domestic abuse is the most important theme. The book sends out a message for those women who suffer from abusive partners, to never blame themselves and ask for help if they need to. In conclusion, I would honestly recommend this book to anyone. This is the most influential and personal book I have ever read. It’s a must read!


Tell Me Three Things By Julie Buxbaum | Book Review

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“Perfect days are for people with small, realizable dreams. Or maybe for all of us, they just happen in retrospect; they’re only now perfect because they contain something irrevocably and irretrievably lost.”

Hello, my bookish friends. I was planning to go to the bookstore last week, and buy a bunch of books, but I couldn’t, because life got in the way, as always. I swear, it’s like the more you grow up, the busier you are. I know, being an adult is hard. Anyways, I was really in the mood to read a cute contemporary book last week, so I chose Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum. Okay, I admit it, cute book covers are absolutely my weakness. No wonder I couldn’t resist myself and spent the whole night reading it. I mean, who doesn’t like heart shaped waffles! Just to be clear, my choice of books doesn’t depend on how pretty the book cover is. I did that many times, and I was really disappointed. But, sometimes I just can’t really help myself. Without much rambling, let’s start our book review!

This book follows the story of a girl named Jessie, who’s her mother died two years ago. After all this time, Jessie is still struggling to accept the bitter truth, because she’s been counting the days of her mother’s death. When her father marries a wealthy woman he met online, and decide to move on to LA in her huge luxurious house, Jessie’s life is flipped upside down. Leaving her town, her school, and her best friend Scarlet isn’t really easy for her. Because of how rich her stepmother is, she decides to register Jessie at Wood Valley High School. Jessie feels like a complete stranger in that fancy school. And Talking to her father is out of the question, because she feels so furious at him for making her life choices without taking her opinion first, so she has no one to talk to, except herself. Even her stepbrother Theo is sort of mean to her. However, everything changes when Jessie receives a message from an anonymous sender who call themselves S/N ‘Somebody/Nobody’. S/N offers to tell her everything about Wood Valley High School and talk to her if she needs someone to talk to. But, Jessie doesn’t know if she should trust this person. She has no idea if this person is a boy or a girl, or if this is a planned scheme from someone who hates her and want to ruin her life forever. After much contemplation, she thought it would be nice to have someone who would really talk to her every day. Even though Jessie’s relationship with S/N has become tighter and more honest, she really wishes she could know the identity of this anonymous person. So, Will Jessie gets the chance to finally meet S/N in real life?

First of all, let’s talk about the writing style. It’s simple, fast paced, funny, and it’s very quotable, which is my favorite thing about books. I just didn’t like it when Jessie was counting the days of her mother’s death, because nothing makes me confused than numbers. Second of all, the characters. Most of them had lost someone in their life, Which I think grief is the connection between all of them that brought them closer to each other. At the beginning of the book, Theo and Jessie weren’t talking to each other, but when Theo talked about his dad, and Jessie talked about her mother, they actually started getting along. The characters felt so real to me, because they were imperfectly perfect. Lastly, the end of the book is pleasing, because everything is solved and we get to know the identity of S/N. Even though the book deals with some serious problems, it’s an insightful and enjoyable read.