The Book Of Lost Things By John Connolly | Book Review


“I think the act of reading imbues the reader with a sensitivity toward the outside world that people who don’t read can sometimes lack. I know it seems like a contradiction in terms; after all reading is such a solitary, internalizing act that it appears to represent a disengagement from day-to-day life. But reading, and particularly the reading of fiction, encourages us to view the world in new and challenging ways…It allows us to inhabit the consciousness of another which is a precursor to empathy, and empathy is, for me, one of the marks of a decent human being.”

This book follows the story of a young boy named David who lives in England. After his sick mother passes away, he starts immersing himself in tons of books, just to escape his sadness and pain. His love of books has become an obsession. His books now can actually talk and argue with each other, and he can make them go quiet if he is about to read. However, every time he sleeps at night, he dreams of another world, where there’s a kingdom surrounded by huge trees and flowers. One day, he finds the passageway to this world in the sunken garden, and he arrives in the imaginary land. The problem is that the passageway to the real world is now gone, and he has to defeat ‘The Crocked Man’ and find a book called ‘The Book Of Lost Things’ so he can go back home.

I find the story so intriguing, fascinating, full of magic, and strong imagery. It’s not a typical fairytale, it may seem like that from the beginning, but when you reach the half of it, things start to get extremely dark, twisted, and creepy. If you’re into fantasy stories and fairytales, then you’ll definitely fall in love with this book.


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