Thanks For The Memories By Cecelia Ahern |Book Review


“Stop and take your time to notice things and make those things you notice matter.”

Justin is a recently divorced man, who’s been drowning himself in work too much, just to avoid feeling lonely and miserable. He’s not particularly happy with his life lately, but he just got used to it. One day, he decides to do something he has never done before, which is donating blood. When he’s done, he feels good about himself. Because for the first time, it feels like it’s a decision that is willingly made from the heart.

Joyce has lost her unborn baby because of a terrible accident. Luckily, her life is saved by a blood transfusion from an anonymous donor. When she leaves the hospital, she realizes that her marriage is still messed up and her life has just gotten more complicated. So, she tells her dad that she’s going to stay with him. Since she came home, she’s been feeling weird lately. Her mind is filled with memories and knowledge that don’t belong to her. Sometimes, she sees moments of someone else’s past, and other strange people. A sense of Déjàvu is taking over Joyce’s life, and it’s impossible to control it. She’s become so obsessed with figuring out who those memories belong to.
Is it possible to fall in love with someone you have never ever met before?

Joyce’s father is my favorite character. His sense of humor made me laugh a lot. I really loved the part when they went to London, and Joyce started talking about the history of those old museums. I know the plot is predictable, but there are parts of the story that I was so eager to know. However, this book was a delightful read for me. If you’re looking for a funny ,romantic story with a magical twist, then you should read it.


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