Bookish ramblings | No. 1


Hello to all my fellow readers! I hope you’re feeling wonderful today. Today is the Fourth day of Ramadan, and I thought of letting you know that, just in case you didn’t know. It’s honestly my favorite month of the year, because I love the calm atmosphere of it. And the long fasting hours remind us of how blessed we truly are to have food, loving family, and a home to live in. It also reminds us of how poor people feel when they don’t have anything to eat, or a place to live in. Everyone is helping each other, despite their race, gender, or even color.  It’s the month of self nourishment, mercy, asking for forgiveness, and abstaining from bad habits, to become closer to Allah, and control your desires to become a better person.

As much as I love Ramadan, I hate how much time flies so fast in this month. Between family gatherings, praying in the mosque, reading the Holy Quran, and cooking special dishes each day, don’t even get me started on that, because we literally spend half of the day in the kitchen! It’s hard to find some time and read a book, or do anything else. I swear, it’s like the hours are just running by, and suddenly it’s a new day. But this month, I’m more organized than ever, even though I tend to have less sleeping hours, and feel really exhausted, I still feel more focused on my goals for this month, including reading four books, and participating in a book challenge in Insatgram.

I know you might think reading four books is not a lot, but in this month, that’s how much I can really manage to read. I also want to write some book reviews, but as I said, finding some time in this month, is really hard, but I will write some, don’t worry!

Lastly, I hope I didn’t bore you with all the talking, I just thought of updating you about my life at the moment. If you’re curious about the book challenge I’m participating in, or if you want  to know more about it, you can check out my bookish Instagram account: @bookishmema



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