The Best Of Me By Nicholas Sparks | Book Review


Hello my fellow readers! Today’s book review is a little bit different, because I usually review books that I’ve read recently, but this one I had read two years ago. Here’s the thing, I’m not a big fan of books turning into movies. Sometimes when I read a book and really, really like it, I don’t see the need to watch its movie, because I’m always afraid that the movie will not live up to the same level of the story, or maybe they’ll change some events or miss some details, which will result in ruining my feelings of the book, because I’ll always compare the both of them. Anyways, this week my sister told to watch ‘The Best Of Me’ movie, and she said it was so emotional and heart breaking, you have to watch it, so I did. Surprisingly, it was a perfect adaptation of the book. So let’s review the book!

The story begins in 1984, in a small town called Oriental. On a hot summer day, Dawson Cole was sitting in a local diner with his friend Robby. As Robby was talking nonstop to Dawson, he wasn’t paying attention, because he was staring at a pretty girl called Amanda Collier. Dawson didn’t have the enough courage to ask her out, so he let go of thinking about her, but the next day in school while he was walking, he saw Amanda standing in front of her car, so he went to help her. When he was fixing her car, Amanda asked him out on a date, and he agreed. Anyways, when he came home, he told his father that he was going to go out this night, but his father refused in a harsh abusive way. He just started slapping him, until he caused him a bruise on his cheek. Dawson bailed on Amanda, because he was feeling ashamed of what his father had done to him, and everyone would ask him about his bruise. Amanda was waiting until she had enough, and decided to go to Dawson and talk to him. Dawson told her everything, and she was so sympathetic with him. After a couple of days, Dawson left his home, because he couldn’t handle his father’s abusive behavior. An old man called Tuck, allowed him to live with him in his house, and he was like a father to him. Amanda and Dawson’s love grew tight more than ever. However, an awful incident that happened to Robby, made Dawson go to jail. Amanda was visiting him, but he refused to see her, because he wanted her to forget him, move on, and live her life.

After twenty five years, Tuck’s lawyer called both of them to come to Oriental to his house, and do as his death will say so. All the emotions and the memories came back to them like a sudden tornado.  They both couldn’t stop loving each other, but their cruel life choices made them pretend that they did. Years after meeting each other, and they still feel the love spark between them. What will happen to Amanda and Dawson’s old love story? That my friends what you’ll know once you read the book!

First of all, let me just warn you that the whole story will shred your heart into little pieces, and it will make you sob in an ugly way, so basically, from my personal experience, I would advise you to read the book alone, to avoid public embarrassment. I love how contradictory the main characters are. Dawson is this nice, shy kid who keeps everything to himself, and here’s Amanda, bold, optimistic, and everyone’s favorite girl, whose family well known around town. I really felt tremendously sorry for Dawson, because of his awful ruthless father. I have a huge admiration for books that revolve around family or focus on family issues. It opens the readers’ eyes and let them ask for help, if they have the same situation. Because there’s nothing more destructive to a kid’s personality than an abusive parent. I was so sad the whole time I watched Dawson’s father hit him. Overall, the book and the movie are both heart touching, but the book is better, because books always win and you can’t argue with that!


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