The Time Keeper By Mitch Albom | Book Review


This book follows the story of the father of time, whose name is Dore. When his wife gets really sick, he starts asking and wishing for more time to save her from dying and leaving him. Because of his wrong actions, he is now punished by being placed in a cave, where he has to hear everyone on earth who pleas for more time. After a couple of years, Dore is released from his cave to teach two people the true meaning of time.

Sarah lives in New York with her mom. She always rushes everything and believes that if she could fast forward in time, her life would be perfect. On the other hand, Victor is an elderly billionaire man who is diagnosed with cancer. He is doing everything he can to cure himself from this disease. As he approaches the end of his life, he wants more time to live. So, after consulting with so many scientists and doctors, they tell him that the only solution is to freeze his body, so he can live in the future when his body is healed. However, Dore’s mission now is to bring Sarah and Victor together, so that they can learn from each other the preciousness of time.

If you ever read any of Mitch Albom’s books, then you’ll definitely like this one. It’s really interesting how each character in this book has a different perspective of time. Sarah wants less time, but Victor wants more. None of them understands the consequences of their actions. But at the end of the book, They both realize the value of time. The writing style is so simple, and the book is really not that long. But it holds so many lessons about the way humans perceive time. It’s really a quick and an insightful story that will remind you of how special time is.


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