The Someday Jar By Allison Morgan | Book Review


“Do you ever worry that life is passing you by while day in and day out you’re focused on what you’re supposed to be doing, rather than what you want to be doing? Then, before you know it, you’re old and curled up on your deathbed, weigh ninety pounds, nothing but elbows and knees, consumed with remorseful thoughts that obligations and function controlled your life while you sat idly by and watched it happen. Feeble and unable to eat anything but chicken broth or ice chips, you think, Golden years my ass, I’ll never get the chance to shout my name from the rooftop and why didn’t I take advantage of my youth?”

When Lanie was fifteen years old, she used to go with her father to a Chinees restaurant. But one night, her father gave her a slip of fortune cookie, and told her to write her own wish on it, and put it inside “The Someday Jar” so she did. Lanie liked the idea of writing a bunch of things that she wants to accomplish one day, and having something exciting to look forward to in the future. Unfortunately, when her father left, she felt so sad, so she decided to hide “The Someday Jar” and forget about it. After a couple of years, she is now twenty seven years old, a smart real estate broker, engaged to a successful man called Evan, and happy about her perfect life at the moment. One day, she opened her closet and found the jar, and explained to Evan what the Jar meant to her. Evan was totally against the Jar, because he thought it was absurd and there was no need to commit to it. She knew that by opening the jar, she would remember her painful past, and her father who left without saying anything to her. One morning, Evan told her that she should go to the airport, meet his friend there, and bring him to the office. She went there and waited for him for hours, so she went to the bar to have a drink there, and kill the boredom. A guy sat next to her, and they started to chat. She couldn’t help staring at him, because he was so handsome. They started drinking together and talking for hours, and she suddenly told him about “The Someday Jar” and he thought it was interesting. She was drunk and she didn’t know what she was talking about, but he liked it. In the middle of talking, she choked and he saved her. After that night, her life turned upside down, because she liked the guy she met at the bar, but didn’t want to admit it to anyone. Evan felt so embarrassed and disappointed, because he gave her a simple task, and she failed to do it. Anyways, she felt encouraged after talking to a stranger in the bar to open up the jar and start accomplishing each challenge. Even her friend Kit agreed on that. However, Laine’s life is complicated and messy right now, and she is confused than ever.  She is questioning her whole life and every decision she’s ever made. Would she be able to finish all the challenges in the jar? And What will happen to Lanie and that guy she met at the airport? If you want to know, pick up the book and read it. I won’t spoil everything out for you!

Fluffy romantic books are my absolute favorite when I’m going through a reading slump or if I want to read something funny and adorable after reading a complicated book. This book didn’t fail to get me out of my reading slump. The plot sounds so fun and inspiring. At the beginning of the book, she did exactly what Evan wanted her to do, and basically followed his steps at work, in order to be successful. But, at the end she realized that she doesn’t need anyone’s help to pursue her passion and follow her dreams. I really like the idea of “The Someday Jar” and how it made her more confident and powerful. It also makes you want to challenge yourself and set simple and fun goals for yourself, because there’s nothing wrong with celebrating your own little victories. I think this amazing book sends an important life advice to loosen up a little bit, believe in yourself, even when everyone you know is against you, and break free from your comfort zone every once in a while.


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