Safe Haven By Nicholas Sparks | Book Review


This book follows the story of a young woman called Katie. She has recently moved to a small town in North Carolina away from her abusive husband. Despite her several attempts of running away in the past, her husband Kevin, always finds her and bring her back home. When she arrives at Southport, she gets a job at a local diner, and buys a small house there. Even though she has decided  to keep all her secrets from the past, and never let her walls down for anyone, all of that changes when she meets Alex, a widowed man who has two daughters. They find comfort in each other’s company, and their painful past makes them closer than ever. She didn’t even expect herself to feel safe and get attached to the people of this town. However, her husband Kevin is still looking for her everywhere. Will he ever find her? You’ll find out when you read the book!

Safe Haven is kind of different than his other books. It has some suspense and mystery elements in the plot. And there’s also some chapters that are told through Kevin’s messed up thoughts. He’s literally that psycho character you hate so much for ruining everything in the book. Above all of that, I admired the precise description of the weather in Southport in each chapter, they made me live the whole story in my head, which is something I love about detail oriented books. The end of the book was so unexpected, yet satisfying in some way. Such an engaging and twisted book, I loved each part of it.


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