Attachments by Rainbow Rowell | Book Review


This book is about a socially awkward guy named Lincoln. He works in a local paper company and his job is monitoring the internet usage and reading the employees’ emails at the workplace. The company has a strict policy to never use the internet for personal purposes, but Beth and Jennifer don’t really care. They always talk and complain about everything through emails, but when Lincoln reads their conversations, he doesn’t send them a warning. Instead, he reads their emails every night, because they are so entertaining and hilarious. However, the more he reads their conversations, the more he falls in love with Beth.
Everything about this book screams adorable. I love the fact that is told through a male perspective for a change. The story is not just about love. It’s about self discovery, family, and friendship. I honestly thought that Lincoln was so creepy for stalking two women by reading their emails, but when I reached the middle of the story, I knew why he couldn’t help himself. Also, I loved the part when he started rooting for Beth. Can you blame him!! Rainbow Rowell never ceases to impress us with how imperfectly perfect her characters are. This is definitely my number one favorite book between all of her other books. I read it twice a year ago, and I still remember how enjoyable, quirky, and fun it was. You have to read it everyone.