My favorite heart wrenching books of the week| Two reviews


Greetings everyone. So much happened in the last two weeks that I really forgot to write a book review! But, today I’m making it up for you guys by reviewing two books. Well, lately I’ve been reading books that share a similar theme. All of them revolve around mental illness or depression, which honestly made me feel emotionally intense and sad about what the characters went through. I wish I just could hold their hands, tell them you’re loved, and you’re not alone in this. I’m getting sentimental, I should stop. So, without much talking, let’s start reviewing the two books.

All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven follows the story of two characters. The first one is Theodor Finch, who is fascinated by the idea of death. His obsession makes him constantly think of several ways to end his life. But, every time he is about to kill himself, something happens and makes him change his mind. He is reckless, smart, and popular at school. The second one is Violet Markey, who has lost her sister in a car accident recently. Since the accident, she couldn’t stop counting the days until the end of the year so she can leave her town and sadness in the past and go to college far away from where she lives. One day, Theodor was standing on the ledge of the bell tower at school to take his own life, but he saw Violet standing there. So, when he was about to jump, she rescued him. After that, Violet got so popular at school, because everyone thought of her as the savior who saved his life, but in fact, no one knew that Theodor is the one who actually saved Violet. Anyways, when their teacher assigned them both to work on a class project,Theodor feels comfortable to be himself around her, and he encourages her to do more of what she’s passionate about. They meet on the most unlikely circumstances and change each other’s lives. Could it be fate or coincidence? That’s what you’ll figure out if you read the book, because I don’t want to spoil everything out for you guys. I loved the writing style. It’s so romantic, poetic and captivating. You know that moment when the end of a book hits you like a truck and you just stare at the last page trying to process it? Yeah, that’s exactly what I felt. This book shattered my heart into little tiny pieces because the end was so heartbreaking. What I like about this book is that it’s divided into many chapters, and the story is told from Theodor and Violet’s perspectives. Such a magnificent read, I really recommend it.

My Heart And Other Black Holes follows the story of Ayzel who is smart, and passionate about science, especially physics. Despite all of that, she wants to end her life because of the crime that her father committed on an innocent person. One day, she goes into the computer and open up a suicide site called “Smooth Passages”. The idea of this site is that if you want to take your own life, but you want to do it with another person, then you should sign up first, and then choose a suicide partner, so you can meet somewhere and plan the whole thing together. So, Ayzel got a message from someone called FrozenRobot who wants to meet her. So they met at a local cafĂ©, and she was surprised. She didn’t expect to meet a boy who seems that he’s got his life together. He didn’t look sad, or broken. He is popular at his school and everyone knows him. But the tragic death of his sister has changed him. It made him depressed and not wanting to live anymore. That’s why he wants to kill himself on the day his sister died, because he believes that he deserves death as a punishment for not looking after her. Mysteriously dark, and an emotionally intense story about two complete strangers who form a suicide pact together to stop feeling lost in the world. The moral story is that sometimes, the happiest people are the saddest ones, because they are used to bottling up their emotions and keeping them to themselves. They are good at pretending, yet they are so fragile. No matter how someone looks, you’ll never know what battle they are fighting.