My favorite books of the week| Three reviews


Hello again readers. Last week I wasn’t able to write a blog post, because I was sick and feeling drained out, but on the bright side, I’ve read three books and they were all really better than I expected. So today I’m going to review them all for you. Let’s start:

Things We Know By Heart by Jessi Kirby tells the story of Quinn Sullivan. When her boyfriend Trent dies in an accident, she starts to track down the recipients of his donated organs, hoping that she would find some closure and let go of her grief. But, when she meets them all, there’s still one recipient who won’t reply to her emails or write her back. Quinn starts to wonder about who that person might be. Is it a girl or boy? Where does she\he live? She eagerly wants to know who got Trent’s heart. After that, she gets desperate and look for the name of the anonymous recipient from the hospital system. His name is Colton Thomas. He was sick for about two years until he got Trent’s healthy heart. The heart replacement changed Colton’s life. He’s healthier and more energetic than ever. However, Quinn starts stalking Colton at the coffee shop he works in, and when she gets to know him, they connect to each other and start to form a love relationship. This book was so deep and emotional. I loved how Quinn felt drawn to him even though she didn’t want to. A story about hope and learning how to let go of the person you love without forgetting them. It’s worth the read.

Paperweight by Meg Haston tells the story of the seventeen year old Stevie. After the tragic death of her brother, she starts to develop an eating disorder and surround herself with the wrong kind of friends. So, her father forces her to go to a treatment center to get mentally/physically healthy. But, she doesn’t actually want to recover, she wants to kill herself on the day her brother died, because she blames herself for what happened to him. However, in the process of recovering, she becomes reluctant to follow the precise instructions of her therapist. And throughout the story, Stevie will face some ups and downs in her forced recovery journey. Twisted, heartbreaking, and a tear jerking story. You won’t regret reading this book.

Weird Things Customers Say In Bookshops is a collection of short and funny conversations with the booksellers in the bookshop. Some conversations are really hilarious and some questions are really strange and so irrelevant. If you have a break in between your classes or you’re on a road trip, this book will lighten up your mood and make you laugh. In case you liked the book, there’s another one called More Weird Things Cusromers Say in Bookshops, I haven’t read it yet, but I’m going to. Give it a try if you want a book that’s short and entertaining at the same time.


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