2016 Resolutions


With the start of each new year, everyone gets excited and sets a number of goals to accomplish throughout the year. Which is great, but I’ve never really thought of doing it. I’m naturally a creature of habit, and when I like something, I don’t like to change it. But, this morning I was bored and I thought to myself, why not make resolutions for the new year? So, here they are:

1-  To be more content with myself

2015 was a year full of self consciousness and worrying. It was my last year of college, but it wasn’t the greatest. I wasn’t physically and emotionally at peace with myself. Negativity took all over me, and I felt like there was not a single positive thought in my head. It was awfully tiring me out to the point where I felt like a total loser who wasn’t going to be ever enough. However, when I graduated, I knew that I needed to work on myself. So I started learning slowly to accept myself. Being content with yourself means that you are happy the way you are. You are not full of regrets, you don’t get worried about unnecessary situations. You don’t full yourself with hate and resentment. You simply embrace your imperfections. So, this year I’m going to focus my energy on being content with myself and everything around me.

2-  Own less things

You know when you go to a store and see a cup or a vase that you don’t even need, but end up buying it because it looks pretty? Yeah, I do that a lot. Considering the amount of useless stuff I have, I’ve come to a realization. The more you buy things you don’t need, the more it gets harder to break this unhealthy habit, because it makes you feel unsatisfied with what you already have. But, in order to stop myself from wasting my money, every time I want to buy something, I’m going to ask myself, Do I really need it?

3- Live in the present moment

When I look back at 2015, I feel like I wasn’t fully present in so many moments. I was physically there, but my mind was somewhere else. I dwelled on the past too much and let it consume my mind. I was either thinking about the past or the future and neglecting the present. Besides, the joy of life is to live every moment you’re in, to be mentally, physically, and emotionally aware of it. I don’t want to be obsessed with the idea of what might happen tomorrow or two years from now. I don’t want to waste the precious moments of the present by being stuck in the past. I want to feel the beauty of every moment, because one day when I look back, I want to honestly say I lived it.

4- Write a list of  the things I want to do before I die

I’ve always wanted to make one, but never did. Shocker! I know right. There are plenty of weird and fun things I want to do before I die. Let’s be honest though, the idea of making this list sounds fun and interesting. So, I’m going to write a long list and print it out. Because, every time I do one thing on the list, I’m going to scratch it.

5- Read more memoirs

What would 2016 be without a reading resolution? As you already know, books are my obsession. And I tend to read a lot. So, this year I want to read as many memoirs as I possibly can. Because, I always get inspired when I read other people’s stories and difficult past. It’s encouraging to know what famous writers or people went through to be where they are now.

To conclude this post, a couple of days I was reading so many posts about making new resolutions of the new year and why most people fail to achieve them. And the reason behind their failure is because they make unrealistic resolutions about what they want to change. I could’ve made so many resolutions, but I wanted to think of things I’m really capable of changing. Above all that, It’s uplifting and refreshing to have a positive outlook of what you want to do more in this year. Lastly, always remember, the key to change is to start slowly. Hope you have an amazing year! See you in another post.




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