Landline by Rainbow Rowell | Book review


Hello readers. Today I’m going to review Landline by Rainbow Rowell. I read three of her books and this is the fourth one so far. My favorite one was of course Fangirl. Because you know you’re 100% obsessed with a book when you talk about the characters as if they were real. You should give it read guys, you’ll love it. So let’s review this book.

Landline is an adult contemporary romance novel about Georgie McCool’s miserable marriage. She is a TV writer and her friend Seth works with her. Georgie is married to Neal and they have two daughters. Alice and Naomie. A week before Christmas, Neal told Georgie that they are going to visit his parents in Omaha on Christmas and she agreed. But, after a couple of days, she told Neal that she can’t go with him and the girls, because something exciting happened to her show that is too important to pass. She has an offer to write her own TV show with Seth, which they were dreaming about ever since they graduated from college. Neal got mad and frustrated, because Georgie selfishly chose her work over her family during their holiday. So, Neal decided that he’s going to take the girls with him to Omaha without her. Georgie stayed in LA to work on writing her show. Then, her mom called her many times at work and tried to convince her to stay with her and Heather, Georgie’s half sister. She said ok, even though she felt guilty about what she did, she still didn’t want to be alone in an empty house. She stayed in her old bedroom and while she was looking for something to wear, she found an old yellow phone inside her closet that she bought from a garage sale a long time ago, but never used it. And since her phone was broken, she thought about trying it to call Neal. However, when she dialed his number, something weird happened. She knew it was Neal’s voice, but it was different and sounded younger. When he said hello, she heard his father talking to him, but Neal’s father is dead. So how is he alive? She told herself it was her imagination playing tricks on her or probably because she was too tired to concentrate, but when she asked Neal who’s talking, he said it’s my dad Georgie! She hung up the phone and stepped back, just to process the whole thing. When she put the pieces together, she came up with a theory. Landline is a yellow magical phone that can call people from the past, so she was practically calling Neal from 1998 when he was 22 and that’s pretty much before 15 years ago.


The concept of Landline sounds interesting and magical. But I didn’t feel the vibes of this book at all. It was supposed to be about a magical phone, but honestly, I felt the whole story was about Georgie and Neal’s terrible marriage issues. The whole time I was reading it, I was asking myself, When is something magical going to happen in the story?  The plot was repetitive and quite dull. Basically the whole story was about Georgie blaming herself about what happened to their marriage. She was thinking that she could fix her marriage by calling Neal from the past and ignoring the real Neal in the present. That’s silly! There was no communication between them at all. Even when Georgie called Neal from the present, he was always away, asleep, or out. He didn’t make an effort to call her and sort things out. Every time they fought or disagreed on something, they ignored each other. They were in their thirties, but they were acting like stubborn teenagers. Georgie is self absorbed, bossy, and inconsiderate. And Neal is ignorant and intolerant. I didn’t understand what was charming about him. He doesn’t smile all the time, and his face is always frowny. When Georgie called him once, he told her he was sleepy and she should hang up now and call him later. There was no connection between them. Their marriage felt like it was forced on them. Don’t get me wrong, I admire Rainbow’s realistic and witty writing style, but this one was a huge let down in comparison with her other books. I was forcing myself to read the rest of this book for two weeks, because I felt like the plot kept repeating itself over and over. The only two adorable characters that I liked were Alice and Naomi. I don’t get it really, if you are in an unhappy relationship with someone where you don’t bother to talk about your problems at all, then what’s the point of being together? Everyone knows that communication is an essential element in any relationship, and if this element doesn’t exist, then everything would fall apart. Well, maybe it’s just me who didn’t like this book, but I if you want to read it,  give it a try, and tell me what you think of this book once you finish reading it.

Side note: last week I was reading my old posts and I noticed some mistakes, and I corrected them. I apologize to all of you guys. I just want you to know that I didn’t misspell them on purpose. I’m such an impatient person, and sometimes I get too excited to write my thoughts about a book and forget to revise what I write before I post my review. I am sincerely sorry, and I promise you it won’t happen again.



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