10 simple ways to feel relaxed on stressful days


We all have one of those days where we feel stressed out, anxious, upset, or worried about something. Whether it’s related to school, relationships,  personal issues, or even life in general. It doesn’t matter how big or small the thing we’re worried about is, because we all react to it differently. But whenever we feel stressed, It’s important to step back, take some time and recharge ourselves to feel more relaxed and less stressed. So here’s a ten simple ways to help you calm down on stressful days.

1- Stop thinking about things you can’t control

It’s easy to spend too much energy overthinking about things beyond our control, especially when we are stressed. Or if something didn’t go our way, we start to panic and feel annoyed about the things we should’ve done. Above all that, if we really think about it for a second, we would realize that thinking about things, or situations we cannot control is a waste of our time, and thoughts. Instead, we could take this negative energy and invest it in something else we like to do. Whether it’s painting, drawing, or even baking. It will distract your mind and help you to forget about it.

“Stop overthinking. Whatever happens, happens.”

2- Drink something warm

There’s something so soothing and therapeutic about drinking tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. It feels like your brain is being magically massaged. I find it necessary to have a cup of tea whenever I feel overwhelmed and stressed out about anything. It calms my nerves down, and it clears my mind.

“Where there’s tea, there’s always hope.”

3- Take a walk

Staying in the same place for so long can stress you out. Like when you sit on your laptop for many hours, you feel like your body is sore, your eyes hurt from staring at the screen, and then you feel too stressed to be bothered with anything. So take a 30 minute walk outside your home. And focus on what surrounds you, rather than focusing on yourself. Feel the air as you walk, breathe deeply, listen to the trees or birds. You’ll feel peacefully zoned out.

4- Turn off all your electronic devices

We live in a time where electronic devices are a huge part of our life. There’s a constant need to check out our phone every five minutes. We feel like we’re obligated to post a picture here, tweet about what’s happening there, or comment on anything we read. It’s ridiculously unbelievable how many hours we waste on our phone. It’s mind draining and time consuming. I know this might sound impossible, but turning off   all your devices can make a huge difference, even for a few hours. It will affect your mood in a positive way. You’ll feel free and chillaxed, and you’ll have a less throbbing headache from typing and staring the phone all day.

5- Lit up your favorite candle

Who doesn’t like candles? Because if you do, I don’t trust you! Choosing a specific scent that you like is a big deal. Everyone knows that a lavender candle reduces stress and makes you calm. For me, I like sweet scents like cherries, cinnamon, vanilla. When you lit up a candle and the scent fills up the atmosphere, it really shifts your mood instantly. Even when I read sometimes, the scent gives me the feeling of tranquility.

Each scent of candle affects you differently. Let’s find out how:

Vanilla: Sweet smells are known to be therapeutic. A vanilla scents comforts you, warms you, and makes you feel less worried.

Lavender: Soothes your nerves and helps your anxiety, and makes you stress free.

Cinnamon: reduces tiredness and weariness, and makes you aware of your surroundings.

Jasmine: Relaxes your nerves deeply.

Rose: Relaxes your nerves emotionally, it also helps with depression.

Lilac: Helps you remember memories from the past. It also has a positive effect on improving memory.

6- Treat yourself

Having a quality time with yourself every once in a while is a must. Socializing can be physically exhausting and mentally/emotionally draining. Being surrounded by people pretty much half of your day is nerve tiring. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the amount of stress you’re going through, treat yourself. Go to a coffee shop, sit by the window and observe people while you’re drinking your delicious coffee. I just personally find it relaxing and interesting. Watch a movie alone. Have dinner in a new restaurant. Go to the bookstore and browse the books, just the thought of doing this makes me feel so calm. Buy yourself something you’ve always wanted. Buy candles. Chocolate is a therapy for the soul, it’s an essential thing to buy. Also, dark chocolate is beneficial for the body and it increases your mood. So treating yourself is so necessary when you’re feeling stressed out.

“Date yourself. Take yourself out to eat. Don’t share your popcorn at the movies with anyone. Stroll around an art museum alone. Fall in love with canvases. Fall in love with yourself.”

7- Read a book

What’s better than reading a book and escaping reality? To be able to transport to a completely different time, drift into another world, live so many lives, get to know different characters, and to forget about your own worries for a while is such a priceless feeling. Reading comforts the soul and ease the mind. And let’s be real, fictional people are the best kind of people. It doesn’t matter what type of book you’re reading, as long as you like it. To be honest, rereading my favorite book is what I do whenever I feel blue, or stressed out. It’s like catching up with an old friend. It feels familiar and safe.

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.”

8- Dance your stress away

Zumba is my favorite type of dancing. It makes you feel so alive and full of energy, and it exhausts you in a fun way. Dancing your stress away gets your mind off things quickly and it makes your blood racing. Even though I literally can’t walk properly from dancing too much Zumba sometimes, i still feel so positively energetic after which is great.

“When in doubt, dance it out.”

9- Clean your room

Messy rooms are the most distracting thing on earth. Let’s be honest, I deserve an award for having the messiest room ever. I’m the kind of person who hides things under the bed or stuffs everything inside my wardrobe which is the worst cleaning method, because I’m making it extra messy by doing that. But nowadays, I clean my room regularly and when it’s super clean, I feel like I have my life 100% under control. It’s so nice sitting in a tidy room, where everything in its exact place, and without random things lying on the floor. Having a messy room is so annoying. When you’re reading or writing, you keep being distracted by the mess around you, which leads to more stress. But when your room is clean, you feel 100% focused on what you’re doing.

10- Write your thoughts in a journal

Have you ever lashed out or yelled for no reason? Have you felt blue and sad out of a sudden? Bottling up emotions, anger, or fear inside is a destructive habit yet we tend to do it. You might think ignoring what you feel is for the best, but it’s not. The more you neglect what you feel, the more it grows inside until you feel like you want to burst out. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to share or complain to someone about what they’re feeling, that’s ok. But if you won’t talk about it, then write about it. So writing your thoughts, fears, or ideas in a journal is like going to a therapist without having to pay anything. So you’re the winner here! I’m not a big fan of writing every single day in my journal. I usually write when I’m disappointed, confused, or when I have an exciting day that’s worth writing about. Or sometimes I write whatever comes to my mind. Also, writing helps me be aware of my emotions and process them once at a time. I have two journals. The first one is for writing my  thoughts, or plans. The second one is smaller in size, because I write in it different quotes that I like from Tumblr, books, or movies, so whenever I feel down I go through it and read all the quotes, which is surprisingly weird it changes my mood. We are humans, we are blessed with the ability to feel everything around us, so why suppress it? Why don’t we take advantage of it?

“Anyone can write at least one masterpiece. You only have to describe the things around yourself.”

I hope you like the ways I wrote about. Of course, there are plenty of ways to feel relaxed, but those are the ones I always do when I feel stressed out. I Hope you have a wonderful day full of achievements. See you in another post.


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