Book of the week| Wonder by R.J. Palacio.


Hello everyone. I hope you’re doing great. So recently, I’ve been going through a reading slump for no reason. It’s been on and off. Every time I read, I can’t seem to get into the book. So I’ve decided to buy a different genre to read, because I honestly read a lot of fantasy books, and I felt sort of stuck on one type of stories. And you know, as they always say, sometimes, all you need is a change. So I picked up Wonder.

Wonder tells the story of August Pullman. An extraordinary ten year old boy who was born with facial disfigurement, which prevented him from going to school like any normal kid. August has been homeschooled his entire life, due to the complicated and tough surgeries he’s gone through. One day, August’s parents decide that it’s time for their son to go to school. So will the odds ever be in August’s favor?

The story is told through seven different perspectives. August, his sister, Olivia, his friends, Jack, Summer, Olivia’s friend, Miranda, Olivia’s boyfriend Justin, and the last one is Julian. I really loved reading about August through the characters’ voices. Each one of them reacted differently. But the most one I felt sympathetic for is Olivia. She spent her life in August’s shadow, not that she doesn’t love him or even care about him, it’s just the fact that her parents concentrated on her brother more than her. She felt embarrassed by people judging her brother’s face. And at times, she got frustrated and it felt like her brother’s situation is too much to handle.

As august goes to Beecher Prep, (He is in the fifth grade by the way) he finds it hard to blend in, and communicate with normal kids, even though he feels normal on the inside, he feels completely different on the outside. The principle of the school and the teachers were very welcoming to August, but the kids around him felt terrified by his disfigured face, and avoided him most of the time. Until the principal chose three students, Jack, Jullian, and summer and made them accompany him at school so he won’t feel abandoned or alone. Jack didn’t like hanging out with August. He felt forced, and shocked when he saw his face, but then he got along with him. But Jullian, was really against the idea of being a friend to August. He always liked being the center of attention at school, so he thought that befriending August would lessen his popularity, which is totally unacceptable to him. Unlike Jack and Jullian, Summer was really thoughtful. She didn’t want August to feel like an outsider, so she didn’t really mind hanging out with him. She had many conversations with him, and whenever Jack and Jullian talked about how terrifying his face is, she would stop them and tell them to be nicer to him.  As the story goes on, we get to know more about August and how he copes at his new school with his friends. Oh, and as much as I would really like to talk about the whole book in details, I also don’t want to ruin the opportunity for you guys to read it.

“Some things you just can’t explain. You don’t even try. You don’t know where to start. All your sentences would jumble up like a giant knot if you opened your mouth. Any words you used would come out wrong.”

This is pretty much how I feel by describing this book. It literally snapped me out of my reading slump. I read different views about it, but I never thought the story would be so powerful and emotional. It will make you feel sad, laugh, cry, and sob in a good way. It’s the kind of a book that you won’t be able to put down once you start reading it. So many warm feelings in this book. It’s an insightful and astonishing story that sheds some light on important topics. Like bullying, courage, love, friendship and family.

Five lessons I learned from this book:

1- People can be mean, judgy, and not acceptable sometimes. But if they put themselves in the same harsh situation, they would understand.

2- Being courageous in this world is not an easy thing, and if you want to be one, you have to tell the truth no matter how hard it is.

3-  Having a supportive and loving family can get you through many life obstacles.

4- It doesn’t matter how we look like. All it matters is the beauty in our souls.

5- Fitting in is quite boring when you’re born to stand out.

The overall message of this story is to be kind no matter what. To choose kindness over being right. And by being kind, the world  would be a better place filled with kindness rather than hate.

“Be Kinder than is necessary. Because it’s not enough to be kind. One should be kinder than needed.”


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